One of the best new country music artists, The Whiskey Charmers

One of the best new country music artists The Whiskey Charmers. Here You can read some about them and listen online for free. Besides that thay have epic win band name, guys and girls produce not less epic win melancholic mix of country and blues with Detroit coloring.

This article is translation from Russian, I’m not native English speaker and not really good English user, so don’t judge me for my sloppy English.


The Whiskey Charmers, mix of country music and blues, new albom The Valley

With joy I report that The Whiskey Charmers has released their second album this year. Guys in gratitude to previous blogpost (in Russian) sent to me their new album for free (or, like we called it in post soviet countries, for haliava). Everybody loves haliava, however, I think gratitude deserves gratitude and I consider it is my duty to write a little about them and their new album. I decided to translate in English this time, so they can enjoy my clumsy English now 🙂

For those, who don’t know who is The Whiskey Charmers – it is a band from Detroit, the main body are Carrie Shepard and Lawrence Daversa. The author of songs almost is Carrie, also she carries main vocal and acoustic guitar. Lawrence carries back vocal, electro-guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar solo.

The Valley, albom poster. The Whiskey Charmers

The Whiskey Charmers style

In the 2015 The Whiskey Charmers released their self-titled album, which became a part of my soul from the first notes (in Russian we have idiom “fall into the soul”, which mean fall in love with, but with a little another connotation, I don’t know how to translate it more precisely). The first album has a gothic flavor, but The Valley is full of cowboy and desert themes. Despite the elegiac fleur, The Whiskey Charmers music absolutely isn’t depressive, it is full of melancholy, but not depressive.


The Whiskey Charmers music could be characterized like a melancholic mix of country music and blues (don’t be confused with country blues). Feminine Carrie vocal with nice timbre (oh, yeah, it’s my weakness at all), perfectly counterbalancing male Lawrence vocal and excellent accompaniment create fresh and tasty musical cake. And yeas, I was hungry, when I wrote this article.

It is hard to pick up the words in English or Russian, that describe clearly their music. Perhaps, the best language to characterize it is Japanese. Japanese created comprehensive aesthetic terminology. I would say, that The Whiskey Charmers music satisfies such concepts like shibui* and yugen**.


Guys step by step becoming more popular, and, I hope, I also made a tiny contribution into this. They really deserve to fill up stadiums.

The Whiskey Charmers, mix of blues and country listen online for free

I put in here music player from bandcamp with their mix of country and blues. Listen country online for free without registration (just google mantra, never mind).

Альбом The Valley, группа

On Youtube. The video “Neon Motel Room”, by , self-titled album

The Whiskey Charmers music is available to listen online for free on bandcamp, cdbaby and spotify. Some of songs can be listened on Youtube. Also, if You want to support the band, You can buy downloading of their album on cdbaby and bandcamp (all links are available on their official site in the “contacts”). Ten backs are tiny price for such pleasure (not for penniless post-soviet population, however, but for English natives it is nothing). Let The Whiskey Charmers will buy a good whiskey. A LOT OF whiskey. They deserve it.

*shibui is a beauty of naturality, light unobtrusive beauty, as opposed to pretentious, glamour, sleek beauty.
**yugen is beauty of subtlety, ability not to state directly, but ability by a hint, suggestion, by a few words to evoke comprehensive views.

Very roughly explanation, who interested in this theme – just pray to google and sacrifice few search queries.

External links:
The Whiskey Charmers – official site.


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